Perhaps Tyler should have behaved himself better, but when you invite the man responsible for the motto, "kill people, burn shit, fuck school," to a festival, perhaps you best expect a little chaos. If you're not entirely sure just what happened, earlier this week Tyler encouraged a crowd at Austin to enter through the barricade to check out the show as the venue was already at capacity, which incidentally started a riot. He also was evidently chucking eggs at folks around the festival.

Sounds like the typical silly antics from Tyler and the gang as usual, but perhaps in light of the tragic events to befall SXSW, no one is in a lenient mood. So, Tyler was arrested and the bail was set at a (low) $3,500.

Anyone who has ever been to an Odd Future show knows that the rowdiness is apart of the fun, but it might be best if Tyler gauged his surroundings first before letting loose.

This sure has been an interesting SXSW so far, although not really in the best way. What have you gathered about the Austin-based festival so far?