To promote his latest album Flower Boy, which debuted at #2 on the Billboard charts, Tyler The Creator made his way by the NBC studios on Wednesday and served as the musical guest on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Backed by The Roots and violinists, Tyler took the stage with special guest Kali Uchis and performed their collab “See You Again” to the dim lit lighting. It follows up his latest late night appearance on Stephen Colbert back in July where he performed "911."

Interestingly enough, Tyler revealed that this song, “See You Again” was originally written and intended for pop-sensation Zayn. “fun fact: i wrote 'see you again' for zayn but that bitch flaked on studio time twice, so i kept the ref for myself, worked out actually,” Tyler tweeted out a couple weeks ago, but it looks like it worked out for the better in the end.

Check out the late night performance (below) and revisit Flower Boy the album here on HNHH if you’ve been sleeping.

In other related news, if this performance has inspired you to want to see Tyler live in person, you're in luck, the Odd Future rapper is taking his talents on the road this Fall for the “Flower Boy” Tour. Peep tour dates right here if interested.

In addition to that, look for Tyler’s new television, “The Jellies,” to debut October 22 on Adult Swim, and feature a new black cartoon. "They canceled Static Shock. Nobody remembers Fillmore, like, we don't got s**t. The only other black character is this f**king weird ass...oh no, they killed Chef off f**king South Park. So we don't have s**t. So I said f**k that. We about to make this n**** black. He ain't got no guns. He ain't shoot no f**king basketball. He a f**king goober. And we gonna put him on TV and he's the lead character. He ain't the comic relief, he ain't the sidekick. He the lead n****." Tyler told the audience member.