Tyler, The Creator has become a superstar in the rap game, proof that adhering to one's creative vision can indeed yield positive results. From his formative Bastard to the Grammy-nominated stylings of Igor, the stylistic evolution of Tyler has been a fascinating one to behold. All one has to do is revisit "Tron Cat" and "Earfquake" back to back for the full-effect of the transformation. In any case, Tyler's current position is one of a respected visionary, appreciated by his peers and co-signed by a variety of legendary producers -- including Bad Boy mogul Diddy.

Diddy Tyler The Creator

Roger Kisby/Getty Images

Today, Puff took to Instagram to share a few images of his recent hang-out with Tyler, which appeared to take place at Diddy's luxurious manor by the water. While it's not clear as to what the pair discussed between posing for photo-ops, it's likely that some degree of mogul talk took place -- after all, this is Diddy, who remains a stone's throw away from securing a spot as hip-hop's next billionaire. If anything, it's a reminder that Tyler is now sitting at these particular tables, which ensures the scope of his vision will almost certainly expand and continue to influence the culture.

Check out the pictures of Tyler and Diddy's mogul meet-up below, if only to vicariously bask in the luxurious spoils of a successful rap career. Do you think these two ended up plotting on some big business?