Tyga's MTV Reality Show "Kingin' With Tyga" (Episode 4)

  August 16, 2015 21:41
Watch episode 4 of "Kingin with Tyga."

"Once Tyga gets one of these crazy ideas in his head, there's no stopping him, so we kinda have to see it through" - Ant, Tyga's manager.

Tyga has plenty of wacky ideas in episode 4 of "Kingin with Tyga," which opens with him getting massaged by two voluptuous women. Mohammad from Dubai interrupts his massage with a call to talk about a possible investment in oil -- "black gold." Tyga is looking to lock down a prosperous future for his family for generations to come.

After that, he gets the idea of melting down all his unused gold to make a statue of his kid. He and his team round up all the gold plates, candelabras, and Egyptian artifacts in his home with the help of neighbor Scott Disick.

Finally, Tyga has always dreamed of harboring an exotic zoo in his backyard, and he pursues that dream by enlisting right-hand man Trell to go out and bring him a zebra and a monkey. 

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Tyga's MTV Reality Show "Kingin' With Tyga" (Episode 4)