Looks like someone was eager to get their hands on some of Tyga's Last Kings clothing as TMZ reports that Los Angeles police are officially investigating a break-in at the storefront that took place this weekend. 

According to the publication, someone broke in either late Friday night or early Saturday morning and burglarized the storefront. It was an employee who took note of the break-in Saturday morning and alerted authorities.  

Officers report that the unidentified suspect forced their way in and made off with a few articles of clothing. The total value of what was taken is currently unknown. 

Last year, Tyga faced a legal dispute in which the landlord of the space rented for the Last Kings brand sued the rapper for $75,000 in damages found throughout the building. According to the plaintiff, the space was found abandoned and destroyed. Tyga's team maintained that he could not be held responsible for the damages and that the building was not up to code. 

It was back in 2015 that Tyga's Last Kings brand found itself in the middle of another legal battle when a former collaborator and business partner, Chuon Gen Lee, accused him of stealing the Last Kings brand concept and failing to come through on a previous agreement set up between the two. 

She successfully sued him to the tune of $1.6 million, an amount that has risen to over $2 million since the ruling as Tyga has failed to pay up on his debt.  

On the music side of things, we got a full-length effort from T-Raww in October with the arrival of his Bugatti Raww project, a nine-track collaboration with DJ Smallz. In conjunction with July's Botch I'm The Shit 2, Tyga has noticeably entered a new era for himself, marking his official transition from resting in the spotlight that comes with any semblance of affiliation with the Kardashian-Jenner family.