In late 2012, just before dropping his 187 mixtape, Tyga said that his studio album Hotel California was nearly complete and would be ready for a March 2013 release date.  Now he reveals that work on another project is on the backburner now, but something he is focused on for 2013.  T-Raww says that him and Chris Brown plan to work on their collabo project Fan Of A Fan 2, and he also talks about what it’s like working with Brown.

Chopping it up on Power 106’s Big Boy’s Neighbourhood, the Young Money rapper said that him and C-Breezy intend on working together, but currently their solo projects are eating up all their time.  He says that although they have not spoken recently, once they both slow down they’ll get back in the studio, “I think he's overseas right now. I haven't talked to him in a minute. We have a lot of songs, though. I'm dropping my album in March and I think he's working on something new. So whenever we stop driving Lambos and posting pictures on Instagram, we can finish it.”

The Well Done rapper says working with Brown is easy, and that they always work in the studio together when collaborating, “We do everything in the studio together. He'll do a hook, three, four songs in like 30 minutes, and then I just do the verses to them. He's fast while recording."

Check out the interview in full below.