Tyga is no stranger to legal troubles. In fact, it feels like that's what he's known for these days. Over the past few years, the "Taste" rapper has faced several lawsuits and the majority of them have to do with finances. Unfortunately, it seems like he has another lawsuit on his hand as the rapper has reportedly been sued by a promoter in the Middle East.

Tyga recently embarked on a Middle Eastern tour in April and now, he's facing a lawsuit after he failed to show up to a performance, TMZ reports. The agent who booked the rapper says Tyga was set to perform at Club White and a few other venues across United Arab Emirates. Tyga reportedly received $120K in addition to $21K worth of flight tickets for himself and his crew. However, the agent claims Tyga was working with a rival club. He says Tyga wasn't even trying to be sneaky about it and claims the rapper said, "White should give me an offer I can't refuse." 

Club White nor the agent put a new offer on the table for the rapper and he ultimately bailed on the performance after getting paid. However, Tyga said he would return the $141K that the club paid him. Unfortunately for the club and the agent, that didn't happen. 

Now, the agent is suing the rapper for $141K as well as additional damages that cost up to $600K for the profits lost after Tyga skipped the performance.