As of right now, there are a lot of people demanding cash from Tyga. His former collaborator on his "Last Kings" clothing line is saying that he cheated her out of half a million dollars worth of merchandise, two former landlords are demanding that he cough up allegedly unpaid rent, a dancer in his "Make It Nasty" video is asking for $25K, and now a Las Vegas promoter is joining the fray. 

TMZ reports that Vegas-based events company Z Entertainment is asking Tyga for $100,000 for not honoring a contract he had with them. Apparently, T-Raww signed a $25K contract with them to perform at the city's Body English last summer, with the stipulation that he not perform anywhere else in the city a "week before the concert and a month after." Z is alleging that he disobeyed this and performed elsewhere the night before.

Let's begin counting down the time until Tyga's camp calls TMZ refuting the claim (as has been their habit recently).