When Tyga takes to the party scene, he's usually accompanied by some of the most attractive women in the world. His latest excursion to Dubai was no different, as he found himself in the curvaceous company of Chloe Khan, a model, businesswoman and former Playboy cover girl.

In a photo taken from Khan's Instagram account (which is followed by over 1 million users), she is photographed standing just in front of the Bugatti Raww rapper, who was clad in a simple outfit anchored by a white tee and several blinged-out elements, including a chain and watch. It takes a certain kind of vibe to roll with the Dubai high lifers, and Tyga certainly has that on lockdown. 

Khan's barely-there outfit is definitely struggling to contain her surgically-enhanced chest area, a much-publicized body alteration that is just one of the stories that has kept her name in the headlines over the years. Born in the U.K. and growing up in an impoverished setting, Khan nearly died at age 13 after crashing a car she'd stolen while on a date, according to The Sun. She made an appearance on the competition show X-Factor not long after that, but was kicked off the program after she reported to the set smelling like alcohol after an all-night partying bender.

She has been a Playboy cover girl and a contestant on a season of Celebrity Big Brother, so she has experienced with the glitz and glamour of Tyga's lifestyle. There's no telling if the two have pursued a consistent romantic relationship in the days since the photo was taken.