Somewhere between this morning and this afternoon, Nicki Minaj's clarification that her ex Safaree Samuels didn't write any of her rhymes became all about hairlines. A back-and-forth on Twitter between Minaj and Samuels began after quotes from her revealing interview with Funk Flex began to make the rounds, leading to accusations including an alleged life-threatening knife injury to Samuels and, eventually, the hair transplant surgery allegedly underwent on Nicki's dime

Tyga's name really shouldn't have been anywhere near this conversation. However, he was brought up when Nicki claimed that Samuels and Tyga had gone to the same doctor for similar surgeries, but Tyga's hair plugs had not "fall[en] back out" like Samuels' had, attributing the difference to the fact that "GOD DONT LIKE UGLY."

Samuels responded by clarifying that he and Tyga did not go to the same doctor, but rather had the surgery on the same day, which could explain why Tyga's had more lasting success with his hairline.

At this point, you may be asking yourself: "Is this all one long con to promote a hair transplant surgeon?" Surely not, but it hasn't stopped Tyga from taking the opportunity to shout out "The Plug," Dr. Craig L. Ziening. The rapper shared a screenshot of his doctor's phone number on Twitter, advising his followers facing the horrors of male pattern baldness to contact the specialist and tell him "Tyga sent u."

As you may have noticed, with the success of "Taste" and "Swish," Tyga is making like his hairline and headed for a comeback. Read our recent editorial on his imminent return to prominence here.