If you follow Tyga on Instagram, you may have noticed an interesting addition to his photos beginning about two months ago: a tiger. Yes, it seems that Tyga thought that keeping his big cat namesake as a pet was a good idea, but California Wildlife officers clearly thought otherwise. They confiscated the tiger and charged Tyga with possession of a prohibited species, a misdemeanor offense that's punishable by up to six months in jail.

After officials had received a report of a tiger living in Tyga's home in Ventura County, California, a warden visited Tyga's home to follow-up, and the rapper said he had put the animal in a private shelter. Officers transferred the 7-month-old cat to a state facility while they investigate.

According to TMZ, Tyga didn't know it was illegal to own the tiger, "and as soon as he realized, he gave it to a sanctuary."

Stay tuned for more news on this case, and let us know your opinions of Tyga keeping the exotic pet in the comments section.