Tyga is busy prepping his upcoming album, Hotel California, for it's March release. He's already dropped a two songs to get fans hyped for the LP, including the club-appropriate "Molly" joint. In a new interview Tyga reveals that "Molly" was actually just a random leak from the YMCMB rapper, and his second official single is with his friend Chris Brown.

While talking to Karen Civil, Tyga spoke on how the song "Molly" with Wiz Khalifa and Mally Mal came about, as well as what we can expect from his next single with Chris Brown.

"'Molly' was actually something that I just recorded last minute, that wasn't on the album or nothin' like that, so I just had leaked it. But the response, people really loved it, so I'm probably gunna shoot a video for it," Tyga said, before revealing the title of his next single. "My second single is a record with me and Chris, 'For The Road,' I'm dropping it on Valentine's Day." "It's definitely like a 'Deuces' vibe, I feel like we haven't put out nothing out in a long time, I wanted to do something that touched that subject matter kinda and be in the same area." "Yeah, you know, anytime Chris sings it's for the ladies, but I think the subject matter a lot of dudes is gunna feel it."

Tyga continued to explain how he received the song from Mally Mal, "Mally Mal my homie from Vegas, he sent to me, at the time when he sent to me I played it and I liked it, I was like this is dope. And then later that night everybody was just on one and when I turned the song on it was just a whole different experience listening to that song. But I'm not tryna encourage kids to go pop mollys and go do all that stuff, this is just my life, I'm talking about it."

Hotel California is slated for release on March 26th.