Yes, another headline about one of Tyga's luxury vehicles, which he's been having trouble holding onto. After reports just surfaced of Tyga losing a Maybach to the repo man, the Ferrari that got taken from him last week is now back in his possession, according to TMZ. Sources connected to Tyga have offered an confusing explanation to TMZ about why the LA rapper lost the car in the first place. 

Thus proceeds an attempted summary: An unnamed man first leased the rare Ferrari in question, but the dealership apparently only let him do so if he purchased another car that wouldn't be on the market for another six months. The same guy, seemingly unable to afford both cars, then made a deal with Tyga, who reportedly agreed to take over the lease payments on the rental while awaiting the other model to arrive.

Somewhere along the line, the dealership missed out on a payment for the Ferrari that now seems to be back with Tyga. A "down payment" was demanded, says TMZ, the amount of which is unknown. As reported last week, the car was taken while Tyga was at another dealership, where Kylie Jenner bought him a new Bentley. 

The original leaser of the Ferrari reportedly relied on a "middle man" to make payments to the dealership. The sources affiliated with Tyga tell TMZ that T-raww paid the down payment to the same middle man, who ended up holding onto the cash. Then it was the guy who let Tyga take over his lease that demanded the car be repo'd. TMZ now reports that Tyga's lawyer responded with legal action, thus enabling his client to take over the lease once again. If all this checks out -- a big if, then it's assumed that the dealership has settled its financial disputes with whoever's handling the car payments, for now. 

In sum: no Maybach for Tyga, though he's got a tenuous grasp on a rental Ferrari. It's doubtful that there was any issue with the down payment when Kylie put down $300,000 to acquire a brand new Bentayga, so Tyga should be able to keep that one in his arsenal as long as he stays comfortably within his girl's family circle.