Iggy Azalea has been spotted running around with her new boo Playboi Carti. The union has brought on mixed feelings in their respective followings. Tyga is on that same tip when it comes to the new couple.

One of his friends dished about how he reacted to the news. Although Tyga is all for Iggy's happiness, he still wonders if Playboi Carti is the right one to offer such a thing.

"Tyga is not feeling Iggy and Playboi Carti, he doesn’t get it. Tyga wants Iggy to be happy but he’s questioning her choice, he thinks she’s making a mistake.”

According to the "Dip" rapper's pal, the concern might be stemming from jealousy instead of genuine care. Tyga is said to be confused about Iggy's choice, considering the fact that she had previously turned him down.

"He's tried many times to date her and she always gives him the same excuse about how he’s too much of a player for her. And here’s where Tyga's confused. But instead, she's going for this guy? Tyga has major doubts about whether Playboi Carti can really give Iggy what she wants, but he's not going to try and talk her out of it, when she's done with Carti hopefully she’ll finally give Tyga his shot."