In the midst of a global pandemic, cities across America have been protesting against the inequality of Black Americans. Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and Ahmaud Arbery's murders have put a spotlight on the massive issues African Americans have had to face over the course of their careers. It's also sparked many otherwise apolitical celebrities to speak out against the injustices. 

Vivien Killilea/Getty Images

Tyga, for example, has typically remained quiet during political events but not now. He took to Instagram to encourage his people to go vote and fight back against the injustices. "TIME IS NOW TO STAND UP. FIGHT BACK!!.VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!! PROTEST, SCREAM, SHOUT, BE HEARD, BE SEEN,DONATE!! SUPPORT THE ONES IN THE FIELD & FAMILIES AFFECTED. LETS KEEP THIS ENERGY! WE STRONGER TOGETHER! WE NEED PEOPLE IN POWER TO FEEL US.CHANGE THESE WAYS," he said.

Though it's easy to encourage people to vote or donate, he made it abundantly clear that he's walking the walk, as well. He shared receipts of a $25K donation to AWARE-LA, "an all-volunteer alliance of white anti-racist people organizing to challenge racism and work for racial justice in transformative alliance with people of color," per their website, as well as the National Bail Out Fund where he also donated another $25K. Altogether, he donated $50K for the cause and hit the IG story revealing that he did march with protesters in Los Angeles.