Remember when Tygaspent over $120,000 pimping out his Last Kings flagship store in LA? Apparently, it would be better served in the hands of the IRS. According to TMZ, a federal tax lien reports that the rapper responsible for the hit song, "Bouncin' On My Dick," owes the government $11,201 for 2009, $4,437 for 2010, and $76,008 for 2011. The final tally: $91,648.

This isn't the first story we've seen dealing with a largely successful recording artist owing a large amount of money in back taxes. You would think that with all of the money flowing through their pockets they could afford a decent accountant. But then again, maybe that's the point. After all, it's much easier not to report your income than to report it. Although to be fair, it rarely seems to work in the long run.

In brighter news, Kanye's overseeing Tyga's next album, which might provide the rapper a much needed sales boost. In fact, as far as major tax evasion goes, 90 grand seems more like a speeding ticket. 

In fact, if you're so inclined, you can even help poor Tyga out. The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty drops this summer, and our feeling is that a portion of the revenue will go straight from Tyga's pocket to the U.S. government's.