Earlier today, Tyga showed off a glimpse of what we can expect from his new song. Teasing "Bop," it appears as though we're on the way to receiving another banger from the California rapper. He experienced a major comeback last year after being slept on for so long. After dropping a couple of hits, he's back in strong form and he's striving. Perhaps he was getting the video ready for "Bop" yesterday because the star shared a photo of himself in a white suit that only a pimp could comfortably rock, straightening his hair and undoing his braids.

Tyga wore an off-white fedora in the picture, letting his hair flow and showing off a different look than usual. Usually, the artist has his hair braided but for this occasion, he went full-on pimp mode. He captioned the shot: "Player shit only." He didn't specify what the look is intended for but it's pretty safe to assume that he'll be rocking this in an upcoming music video.

Things are starting to pick up again in Tyga's career. Hopefully, he can continue his momentum from 2018 in the coming months. Still, the rapper appears to be disorganized when it comes to his legal issues, being served with an arrest warrant for skipping out on a court date today.