This year has been wild for Tyga. He's seemingly reinvented himself, dropping less music but making more of an impact when he does share his art. "Taste" was probably the surprise banger of the year as it jumpstarted Tyga's reintroduction to our playlists. His latest appearance comes with "Dip," a track that Nicki Minaj enjoyed so much that she hopped on the remix. Tyga has the potential to have a successful 2019 campaign if he strategizes the right way. As for the rest of this year, it looks like the rapper is just kicking back and enjoying life.

When you've got money like Tyga, you can jet off whenever you want, pretty much. He decided to take a trip to Dubai and, from the looks of his Instagram page, he's amazed at everything he's seeing. The Californian shared a video of himself exploring a sheikh's private car collection, observing in awe as each Ferrari had zero miles on the dash. He seriously looks like a kid in a candy shop as he walks through the garage. 

The next clip he shared shows him navigating through an extravagant mansion, once again dropping his jaw and pointing at everything that impressed him in the room. You haven't been living right if you've never been to Dubai. Tyga can vouch for that.