Tyga's May release "Taste" has taken him to great heights since it dropped. The Offset featured track first scored Gold in July and then Platinum by the end of the same month. In August the track hit 2x Multi-Platinum and now the beat has hit 3x Multi-Platinum. Tyga posted a photo with his plaque on Instagram with a proud caption reading: "Just came home to these 😝🙌🏾."

Tyga previously explained how the song came together, detailing how it was created after a night out where the after party took place at a studio. “I always like to record the first thing that comes to my mind when I hear something so I came up with like the first four bars…I did the song in probably 30 minutes. Some beats just bring out that spirit in you and it was just a cake walk," he said. 

According to Tyga (born Micheal Ray Stevenson) you can probably hear girls laughing and cups clinking if vocals were dropped to a certain level.

“We dropped it the first day and all the reactions, like it was crazy,” he explained of pool party video. “It got like, I don't know…a million views like the first day, something crazy…Kanye hit me up and he was like, ‘Man, this is the best video of all time.' That was cool that he checked the video out [as] soon as it came out. And he was like on it, like one of the first people on it so, that was dope.”