For all his success, Tyga is far from where he wants to be in his career, and he intends for his upcoming mixtape Bitch Im The Shit 2 to silence the haters and engender respect for him in the hip hop community that is equivalent to his talent. Bitch I'm The Shit 2 is his first mixtape in a year and the sequel to his torrid 2011 tape #BitchImTheShit. It is a return to Tyga's roots as a swaggering, foul-mouthed, fire-breathing fiend.

HNHH believes Tyga is one of the most compelling figures in hip hop, which is why we have made him our next digital cover star.

Tyga's digital cover arrives Friday, March 24th. Revisit our cover story archive here and watch behind the scenes footage of the Tyga shoot below.