A 2014 Land Rover is the cause of Tyga's latest legal issue. He had leased the vehicle from a company called Midway HFCA and failed to actually return it. The Range Rover ATB was technically abandoned when it was left at a repair shop named Final Touch Collision without ever being retrieved. Since Tyga defaulted on his lease, he is being sued by Midway for fraud. They had agreed that the artist would pay $3,998 over 36 months, with the option to eventually purchase the Range Rover. Although several payments were made, $22,739 were in arrears at the time of the court filing that demanded $202,739 in damages.

Tyga has yet to make any attempts to fight the lawsuit. The Californa native failed to show up to court. Ultimately, the judge ruled in favor of Midway by issuing a default judgment of $141k in damages in addition to interest and legal fees. The total to be paid is $157,152.60. Considering the price range of the high-end SUV, Tyga could have bought it bought it at a small difference of the ruling's amount. The rapper should hire an assistant or fire the one he already has. 

Still, this matter is minute in comparison to the other lawsuit he has been dealt. Tyga is also being sued by a club in Dubai for allegedly bailing on a gig. The club claims the damaged caused by Tyga's actions amount to $1,482,000 in damages.