As his namesake might imply, Tyga continues to stay on the prowl. TMZ has recently shared a video of the rapper partying it up on the sea...or at least, beside a dock. The video, which looks to have been captured from a neighboring shrub, features Tyga and a whole entourage of people standing on David Grutman's boat. And while there's no T-Pain or Lonely Island in sight, the rapper seems to have his eyes set on Josie Conseco, not to be confused with her father, former MLB player Jose Conseco. 

Despite the overcast, blustery weather, Conseco opts for the thong bikini, a decision that has not gone unnoticed by Tyga. Apparently, Conseco has a serious boyfriend, but that doesn't seem to phase Tyga, who seems to be intrigued by her presence. I'm no expert in the whole Tyga/Kylie Jenner debacle, but the whole thing seems like a classic case of rebound. Either way, not much went down between Conseco and Tyga, other than some alleged flirting.

For those of you who love the gossip, or pretend not to and still check for it anyway, this Tyga/Kylie/Travis/insert-girl-here love-square is certainly getting heated.