Usually when a rapper takes to social media to flex, they're showing off their cars, their jewelry, their expensive houses, but seldom do we see them flex a Christmas tree. Well now thanks to Tyga, that fantasy is now a reality.

Tyga took to Instagram today to show his fans how inspired the holidays have made him. The tree itself is barely visible as all of the branches are covered in some powdery snow and huge red Christmas ball ornaments. The "Taste" rapper had nothing to see in his caption except for a coy "Yeeesir," letting us know he's definitely proud of himself.

It will be interesting to see if Tyga's Christmas tree flex will inspire other rappers to follow suit and post their own festive decorations. If there's one thing the holiday's need right now, it's a Christmas tree challenge feature all of hip-hop's heavyweights.

Which rapper do you think would have the most festive tree? Let us know!