Tyga Gets In His Feelings In "Hard2Look" Video

Alex Zidel
April 05, 2018 11:16

Tyga gets his frustrations out at the boxing gym in "Hard2Look" video.

Whether he's dancing around the gym or making moves on his girl, Tyga is finding it "Hard2Look" the other way in his new music video. The Kyoto cut is given some passionate visuals for the first section of the track where Tyga explores his singing chops. T stands by a fireplace longingly thinking about his past relationship, detailing how difficult it is to move on. The track unexpectedly switches up, bringing on a separate cut from his latest album, "Train 4 This." The rapper takes the title and content of the song quite literally, making a journey to the boxing gym for the two-part clip.

Tyga spends some time sparring while also lusting over one of the girls training. Complete with TMZ headlines on a television and Tyga leading a trio of dancers, check out the video above.

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