Tyga Gets Cartoonish For The Booty In "Ayy Macarena"

Mitch Findlay
December 17, 2019 11:06

Tyga is a man with a vision.

The Tyga comeback has officially reached its apex. Now, T-Raww sits comfortably within the upper echelons, one of hip-hop's eligible and eager bachelors; with his penchant for free-spirited loving and seemingly magnetic fondness for the booty, who is he if not rap's Quagmire? Today, the beloved West Coast rapper has come through with some new visuals, this time for his "Ayy Macarena" single. As this is Tyga we're talking about, you already know that scantily clad women remain on deck, though it's hardly gratuitous this time around.

For one, the cartoonish clip is riddled with humor, with hilarious callbacks to Jim Carrey's The Mask. Not to mention, Tyga's premiere of the stache, a look that oddly works within the context of "Macarena's" world. In ways, this video is the complete package: eye candy, action, a fun dance, and the slightest hint of absurdist comedy to tie it all together. Check it out now, and be sure to show Tyga some love in the comment sections. 

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