Imagine that -- two weeks, two articles about Tyga's hair. The rapper has consistently rocked his braids for a few years but for a recent music video, he decided to go full glam on us all, getting his locks straightened on set. Obviously, the result was pretty hilarious with T-Raw resembling an emo kid in high school. The look is likely from the same video where he rocked a cream fedora with his hair straightened and curled. Clearly, Tyga had fun for this shoot.

Late last week, Tyga filmed a video for a track with YG and Blueface, rocking a curious new look as he let his hair down, straightening each strand carefully to achieve the ideal style. Obviously, once clips started making their way online, fans had something to say about the California rapper's do. One fan thought that Katt Williams was making a cameo in the video while others just clowned the man straight to the circus.

This likely isn't a permanent change for T-Raw. It appears to have just been for the music video. However, some fans are into the whole "pimp" look for him. We're surprised Blueface didn't want to join in after his "emo" shots were leaked earlier this year. Are you messing with his new hair or should he stick exclusively to the braids?