Tyga has been at the center of a second public dispute with his landlord, who claimed he hadn’t been paying rent on his $17,000 a month Hollywood Hills mansion. Apparently, Tyga has a third legal dispute with a landlord on his hands, this time for a space he rented for his clothing company Egypt Last Kings Clothing.

As TMZ reports, Tyga had been using the rented space as a retail shop for Last Kings, but the landlord found the unit abandoned in June 2015. No trace of Tyga or anyone else who had lived there, except for some not-so-subtle redecoration. Tyga or someone in his crew had apparently painted the doors black with Egyptian patters, painted over the ceiling tiles and had spilled ink across most of the 5,000 square feet of concrete flooring. To top it, off, the landlord is claiming that someone poured ink down the drain, which violates more than one environmental regulation and is just all around bad for the environment. As for his Last Kings line? You can check out their website for yourself, because apparently Tyga doens't like to pay rent on digital properties either.

The landlord is seeking $75,000 for repairs to the rental, plus five months of rent. Because of course Tyga didn’t pay his rent. That being said, Tyga has defended himself by claiming the damages were the landlord’s doing and that the building wasn’t up to code, which caused the environmental fines.