Tyga's new album, Hotel California already has plenty of big tracks attached to it. We've already heard "Molly", "Fuck For The Road", and "Dope", each with it's share of big features. However, after the tracklist was revealed, many were intrigued by the track "Hit 'Em Up", which is said to feature Jadakiss and Tupac. Tyga spoke to MTV and revealed some of the background behind the track.

Many were curious as to whether the track would be a remade version of Pac's original classic, which Tyga cleared the air on. "A lot of people think it's a remake of 'Hit 'Em Up,' his song — which it's not a remake, it's original,"

Seeing as the late legend's version of the track was an iconic Biggie diss, Tyga said his take on the cut would be similar in spirit, but would not directly target anyone."When you're talking about 'Hit 'Em Up' you ain't really dissing nobody, but you lettin' it be known that you don't rock with certain people,"

The "Molly" rapper revealed he wanted Young Money counterpart Nicki Minaj to be on the track initially. "I wanted Nicki to be on the song at first and then we never did it, so then I went back to the song later,"he said, adding, "I sent it to Jadakiss and after that I was done with the song and then I had came across some 'Pac vocals from a friend,"

Tyga expressed that he was unsure of how to incorporate the vocals at first, "I was like, 'Man this would be dope,' but I didn't really know how to use it properly." he said. However, Tyga eventually did find an interesting way to use the sample, but remained tight-lipped on how it ended up being used, promising, "When people hear it they're gonna think it's real clever and they're gonna really respect it,"