With the release of "Careless World" only yesterday, Tyga gives us some details on how the Nas collab came together, his single "Rack City," his past mixtapes and more in his recent interview with YRB. He also gets the cover of the issue. Check some excerpts below and photos for the cover story.

On Nas Collab:

"I sent him a song about seven months ago and he never got back to me. The song ended up getting leaked, and he hit me up a few weeks ago telling me how proud he is of all that I’m doing, and if it wasn’t too late, he wanted to get down on the project. There’s this song I have called “Kings and Queens” with Wale that I sent over to him to be a part of, he put his verse on it the next day, and it was done."

On Lyricism in "Rack City":

"People tend to think the term lyrical has to mean you’re telling a deep story or you’re 
pondering on some philosophical theory. I made this song to party. I always want to be able to give you something for both sides, and that’s what I set out to do with this album. True, if you’re looking for a deep, lyrical song, then “Rack City” isn’t the cut, but if you’re looking for a party song to bang to, there you have it."