Tyga does what he does, and he does it well. From "Taste," to "Dip," to the Iggy Azalea-led "Kream," Tyga has all but perfected the ass-anthem. In fact, he has become all but synonymous with the gluteus maximus, as women flood his Instagram with twerk videos faster than he can watch them all. In truth, it's a good look for the West Coast rapper, who has been enjoying something of a second wind of late. Now, one day removed from the rapper's twenty-ninth birthday, Tyga has decided to treat himself to a luxurious gift. 

Taking to Instagram to showcase his prized possession, Tyga took a moment to count his blessings. Thrice, at that. While the Ferrari has been a staple in Tyga's garage for a minute, it's a testament to the rapper's wealth and refined tastes. We hope he rang in his twenty-ninth in style, though knowing Tyga, all manner of mischief may have ensued. Judging from the clip below, he likely has forgotten the night already. Happy belated birthday, T-Raww!