Tyga announced today that he is taking his talents to the Middle East, and on one occasion, New Delhi, India. This announcement follows a campaign of "Dubai Drip," his flip of Offset's "Ric Flair Drip." In the video, he spends a good amount of time on the Tarmac, where his private jet awaits permission to board.

The Game was the last rapper to visit Dubai on a state-sponsored visit. He traveled last week in the company of personal trainer Fred Frenchy. Tyga will begin his mini-tour in Bahrain, a sovereign nation with former ties to the British Imperialism. Tyga will perform on consecutive nights, first in Kuwait, once in India, and two appearance three days apart in the United Arab Emirates. Tyga was smart enough to book himself some R&R while on the Palm Islands.

The Dates:

18th The one - Juffar, Bahrain
19th Exhibition Hall Center - Al Thuraya City, Kuwait 
20th Grand Hotel - New Delhi, India 
21th club base - Dubai
24th 1oak - Dubai 

You can see his announcement and the response of his fans worldwide here. The tour poster recreates the risqué image on his album cover, giving it a desert twist.