Kourtney Kardashian and Kylie Jenner's ex-boyfriends were partying it up at one of Los Angeles' popular nightclubs, 1 OAK. TMZ got footage of both Tyga and Scott Disick chatting and making arrangements to head out, with a crew of friends by their side. Scott jetted off in his Mercedes Benz G-Wagon and Tyga followed suit in his Bugatti.

Surprisingly, Scott never had his girlfriend, Sofia Richie, with him considering how inseparable the couple have been as of late, popping up in many photos together seen out and about. We recently posted on reports that suggested Scott and Sofia were filming their own reality show. “He's been desperate to get something in the pipeline again, and he knows it has to be amazing to persuade TV bosses to give him a second chance," a source said. “Right now, he's making the pilot episodes - and he's the producer - he thinks this could be his big break, show everyone he's bankable so he's under a lot of pressure to get it right."

The source further revealed that even though Sofia and Scott prove to be in a serious relationship, she will not be appearing in any episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians alongside Scott.

As for Tyga, no sings of a serious fling for him but he seemingly had a good time in Dubai recently, partying it up with Chloe Khan, a model, businesswoman and former Playboy cover girl.