The Calabasas adventures of Tyga continue today, with more house trouble rearing its head. It's been an extremely slow news day here, as you can tell, so no need to shout it out in the comments. We are aware.

So for today's dose of gossip, TMZ reports that Tyga's neighbors are becoming frustrated with his incessant partying. TMZ alleges that T-Raww has racked up numerous fines ($10,000 worth to be specific) for disturbing the neighborhood with his house parties, and thus breaking the rules of the Home Owners Association. Apparently he's paid out some of the fines, but not enough for the HOA. They've reportedly banned him from common areas in his development, The Oaks. Nonetheless, since Tyga is actually renting his home, it's his landlord who is really on the hook here.

Tyga recently called out TMZ on twitter for posting "fabricated" stories about his landlord situation. We'll have to see if he calls them out on this one too.

In semi-related news, a street artist recently put up neigborhood watch signs with Tyga's face on them.