Tyga is being sued by NOLA bounce artist named Pretty Maw over the "Swap Meet" video single that in September 2018. Maw contends that he and Tyga has an agreement in place which allowed the re-allocation of song elements found in her song "17th" - Tyga's run of 7 million streams since September putting a damper on her meager totals in the 5-figures.

Pretty Maw is no less concerned with the lopsided totals because, as she states in the court documents (obtained by TMZ), Tyga said he intended to soften the blow with "a fixed monetary amount," for her troubles.

Pretty Maw says it was Tyga who first approached her with plans to A) co-opt songwriting elements from "7th" B) use her image and likeness on the new song, "Swap Meet." Maw claims that Tyga went overboard - surpassing the delimitations of their agreement. With that, the New Orleans rapper is seeking a percentage of the profits generated by "Swap Meet," as well as a stoppage to the song's continued distribution.

This isn't the first incident where Tyga stands of duping a fellow artist for personal gain. Just last year, Tyga was hit with a lawsuit after foregoing a concert obligation in Dubai, during his tour of the Middle East. Needless to say, Tyga has also been on the giving end of a lawsuit himself, with a $10 million against his former label Cash Money.