Indianapolis Colts wide receiver T.Y Hilton is dedicating the 2019 season to quarterback Andrew Luck, who unexpectedly announced that he was retiring from the NFL this past weekend.

Hilton, who entered the league with Luck in 2012, took to social media on Sunday night to share a brief message about his best friend's retirement.

"Every time i think about it, Tears start to flow. No one understands you like i do. Our bond is one of a kind. I’ve decided to dedicate my season to my BEST FRIEND. I Love You 12."

Luck, 29, formally announced his retirement on on Saturday, following Indy's 27-17 pre-season loss to the Chicago Bears. During the press conference, Luck explained that one of the reasons he wanted to come back was because of his bond with Hilton.

"I had more fun throwing the football to T.Y. than should be allowed, probably," he said. "When I was away in 2017, I had to figure out why I wanted to come back and play football. I boiled it down simply that I like throwing the ball to my friends. I loved throwing the ball to T.Y. Hilton. He's the best football player I've ever played with, and he's a better teammate than he is a football player."

The Colts, now led by QB Jacoby Brissett, will kickoff the 2019 season against the Los Angeles Chargers on the west coast.