Ty Dolla $ign's "Or Nah" seems to be the track from his new Beach House EP that is getting the most traction in the clubs, but it will be getting even more attention once the official remix drops. 

According to Ty, The Weeknd is a huge fan of the track, and is already in the process of contributing to the official remix.

“Two days ago Wiz was like ‘Yo Weeknd wanna hop on that, I’m about to give him your number’" said the singer, in an interview with Sway. "Then [Weeknd] called me like ‘Yo what’s up bro, send me the files’….so I sent it to him last night. Anyday now we can expect that remix with The Weeknd and Wiz.”

On top of that, look out of the official HNHH-produced video for "Or Nah" coming soon!

Watch the full interview below.