Ty Dolla $ign is making a name for himself as a solo artist, but he's also got a potential career as a songwriter. In a new interview with the breakfast club, Ty$ revealed some of the artists he's written for, as well as giving some updates on his next moves.

"I've got other songs I've been writing on," Ty said of his songwriting side hustle. "That 'Headband' song with B.o.B-- a lot of people don't know I'm on that doing the little backgrounds. J. Lo's song she just dropped with Mustard, I did all her backgrounds, she re-sung them."

Ty also revealed that he wrote a good chunk of Chris Brown's "Loyal," which, in retrospect, definitely bears his vocal inflection. "I wrote the first verse and the hook, and then he wrote the second verse," he said.

The singer couldn't be happier with the coverage West Coast hip hop is getting these days. "I'm just happy to be a part of it," he said. "All the homies, we're doing our stuff, me, Mustard, YG, we even got Sage The Gemini going platinum from the Bay," he exclaimed, before citing "Toot It And Boot It," as a turning point in his career. "That was the first song we did that really changed my life, and his life. Now he got 'My Hitta', and I've got 'Paranoid'."

As far as his album, we should see something in the warmer months of 2014. "We're trying to do something for the summer. Either July or September," said Ty. "I know Mustard's coming out either June or July, so I'm gonna let his come out, and then I'll do mine right after."

Dolla Sign will also be touring a lot in the near future. "Tyga just hit me up to do his tour, Big Sean wants me to his tour, and Wiz-- we're gonna do our tour in the summer again. The 'Under The Influence Tour 3'."

Watch the full interview below.