Beyoncé proved naysayers wrong over the weekend during her performance at Coachella. Not only did she steal the weekend but she made history as the first Black woman to ever headline the California festival. On top of that, she further solidified herself as one of the greatest performers of our generation. She delivered a performance that simultaneously compensated for last year's cancellation and exceeded everyone's expectations. She quickly ended up receiving comparisons Michael Jackson after her performance. While many were only convinced of that after her set, Ty Dolla $ign came to this realization after watching her on the "Formation" tour.

Ty Dolla $ign recently spoke to Complex after his headlining show in his hometown which occurred right before Coachella. During the interview, he explained why Bey's stage show makes him reminisce of watching Michael Jackson on TV when he was a kid.

"I saw her Formation tour. [DJ] Khaled actually brought me out on his set a couple times on that tour." He said, "First of all, it was the most amazing show I've seen in my life. When I was a kid and I used to watch Michael Jackson on TV like seeing Beyonce live, it gave me those vibes of just like, the greatest performer ever. Just the greatest stage set, just everything about it. From her vocals to her dancing to all the attributesm she got it goin'."

He's definitely not the first person to say it but he was definitely didn't need any convincing after watching her Coachella performance. 

Peep the full interview below.