While not quite as blatantly as his Taylor Gang leader, Ty Dolla $ign is pretty up front about his infatuation with weed. So it's not a surprise that when the L.A. singer's bus was pulled over in Iowa, it reportedly reeked of kush smoke. 

According to TMZ, Ty's bus was approached by cops for "equipment violations', but when they got a whiff of the haze emanating from the vehicle, they were forced to bring the dogs on board. After a thorough search, officers recovered 42.2 grams of weed (which includes 18.2 grams of hash oil) and 28 items that qualify as drug paraphernalia.

According a rep for Ty, the singer wasn't even on the bus when this went down, as he was already on a plane to Omaha. The seven (of twelve) noted for possession will face tickets and court dates in December.

Watch the KWWL news report below.

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