The bathroom selfie. For both men and women, those intimate photos have become the hallmark for floating some not-so-innocent portraits out onto the Internet, hoping to generate some buzz where their followers are concerned based on their outfit and/or physique. It's a narcissistic practice that has come to the fore because of social media, but they almost always get a reaction, especially if you're a celebrity who is part of one of the hottest girl groups in the world.

Case in point was Lauren Jauregui's most recent selfie of this variety, with the Fifth Harmony singer making sure the camera gave viewers a real good look at her curvaceous bod. 2017 may only be a few hours away from ending, but Jauregui is making sure she closes out the year with some major heat. Check out her post below:

Jauregui's boyfriend, Ty Dolla $ign, was one of the thousands who turned up in the comments section to react to his thirst-inducing picture. Simply writing "Mine," complete with a tongue emoji at the end of his sentence, there's no doubt that Ty Dolla was blown away with his boo's attractiveness. The pair have been dating for several months now, with the singer recently gushing over how in love she is with her new man.

"He's just amazing. He treats me so well," she exclaimed during a red carpet interview with ET. The blushing that she does in that clip should tell you all you need to know.

Where do Ty Dolla $ign and Lauren Jauregui rank in terms of the cutest hip-hop couples out there right now? Make sure you let your voice be heard in the comments.