Ty Dolla $ign's reign of r'n'b cross-over hip-hop music has just begun. In anticipation of this, the West Coast native graces the cover of The Fader's new June/July "Summer Music" issue.

Inside the issue of The Fader, Ty Dolla $ign talks about his lyrics and gangbanging, among other things. Two excerpts are featured below, and check the gallery above for Ty's cover shot as well as photos from the inside spread.

On his lyrics:
“I’m not tryna promote being the best f-cking American man,” says Ty. “I’m promoting partying and having fun and being that type of American. I don’t wanna hurt nobody’s feelings. I’m not gonna front and act like your boyfriend. I’m out here, you know what I’m saying? I’m about to go on tour! It’s like running for the presidency... except without a wife.

On his crew, and falling in with the West Side Rollin 20s Bloods:
“We’re not promoting gangbanging here,” he says, explaining that he was always more focused on music than the life. “Luckily, I got the homies that I got and kept me from doing some stupid shit, and I ended up here, not dead or in jail. That’s what they tell you about gangbangers, one of two things: dead or in jail. I just try to promote positivity. It’s not really worth it.”

[via 2DBZ]