According to Ty Dolla $ign, his long-awaited Beach House 3 project is complete.

Fresh on the heels of the release of his star-studded "Love U Better" visuals, Dolla $ign made a stop in New York City to chat with Hot 97's Nessa, where he revealed that his forthcoming effort was currently in the process of being mixed and mastered.

The interview certainly proved to be fruitful as Ty opened up more about the project than he has in the past, revealing that an accompanying 30-minute visual would be coming along with its release.

“The beauty of Beach House 3 is this time you will get to see exactly what it is with me.” he explains at the 1:30-minute marker.

“You can see who Ty Dolla Sign is. I put out a lot of songs and all that, but I never let people into my life.”

"Love U Better" served as the first single to spawn from Beach House 3, giving us a glimpse into the roster of features as singer-songwriter The-Dream and Lil Wayne both make an appearacne on the cut. But in the spirit of keeping things under wraps, not much more was offered.

It was last year that Dolla revealed that while backstage at Power 106's Cali Christmas show, Pharrell informed him that he wanted to hit the studio together.

“Pharrell just walked by me backstage and told me, ‘That song with Chris Brown and Big Sean [is] special. We gotta do something, man.’ This is amazing," he chimed out through a large grin.

It seems that this collaboration is finally coming to fruition as he unveiled that Pharrell will be, in fact, making an appearance on Beach House 3.

“Pharrell is amazing. ...He’s got a record on my album," he told Nessa early on in the recent sit-down. "It was a crazy experience for sure."

At the 2:47-minute mark, he also goes on to reveal that frequent collaborator Future also lent his talents for the creation of this project.

While recent times have seen a considerable elevation in Ty's profile, he's been hard at work in the background for a period that far predates his mainstream success as a leading vocalist, a fact that surfaced during this talk as well

“I’m just making music, I’m having fun, and I’m getting paid for it," he said when discussing how he maintains his authenticity. "I’m just going to keep on doing that. It’s not about no façade, not trying to be this and trying to be that."

"I’m clearly myself. I’m clearly not trying to be like nobody else, and I advise all my young cats out there to do the same thing. Stop trying to sound like niggas and shit. It’s not about that. Be yourself and people are going to love you—ashy knees and all."

Watch the full clip below as he touches on more subjects like his affinity for J Dilla and the state of his DMs on social media.