Ty Dolla $ign's had quite the year. In addition to releasing the deluxe version of Beach House 3, he's also had a big part in helping Kanye West and G.O.O.D Music with the five album roll out. With the influx of music he's dished out, it only makes sense that he's hitting up a lot of festivals this summer and travelling across the globe. Unfortunately, travelling can be problematic for people especially if they suffer from certain allergies. This was the case with Ty Dolla $ign when he attempted to get a seeing-eye dog removed from a flight because of his allergies.

Ty Dolla $ign attempted to get a blind woman and her guide dog removed from Air Canada flight due to his allergies, TMZ reports. The singer was on his way from Montreal, QC to Ottawa, ON this weekend to perform at Escapade Music Festival. Ty and the person he was with spoke to the blind woman who was seated behind them. He allegedly tried to get her removed from the flight before takeoff. The woman offered Ty an allergy pill but he refused and said that he had a performance later on. 

The plane's staff asked Ty if he talked to the medical assistant desk which he said he didn't. They proceeded to tell him that the woman had already gotten the dog approved before the flight and didn't have to move. They also offered Ty a seat towards the back of the plane but again, he refused. In the video footage, they say it's a short flight so it looks like he was willing to deal with the dog in order to get to his destination in peace.

Peep the clip below.