Lil Duval took over the summer with his anthem for the unbothered called "Smile B*tch." The comedian appears to be prepping the release of another bop assisted by Ty Dolla $ign. Both artists linked up on IG live to preview the track.

Duval welcomes Ty to the conversation: "We just vibing to this new shit. You already know what the f*ck going on. It looked like they f*ck with it." His collaborator seemed to think Duval would have waited for him to arrive before sharing the teaser when he asked, "Oh, you already played it?" Duval responded with some good news: "Snoop on here too [...] Talking 'bout he f*ck with it on live."

The comedian then plays the track laced with Cali-flavor, opening to some melodies delivered through a talkbox. Although the audio is low in volume, Duval amps it up by singing lyrics like "There's a party going on right here/All that's missing is you" and "just don't bring your man." He even adds his signature hype by punctuating the melodies by shouting "pull up" adlibs.

Ty doesn't lay down any impromptu vocals, but he does mouth the words along with his homie. When the snippet ends, both seem satisfied as they smile. Duval reaffirms his confidence in the upcoming track by declaring, "I think we're f*cking em up."