Two women who were passengers in a car driving along a highway somewhere in the world decided to take hump day quite literally when they jumped on top of their moving car (on a highway) to bust out some moves. The Worldstar moment was caught on film by a driver directly behind the vehicle that sees two women twerking their heart out on top of the car, while another woman films from the passenger seat. 

Thankfully no one was hurt since the two women managed to jump back in the car through the windows as the car was still cruising. We're can't say for sure if someone reported them to the police, but here's to them safely getting back in the car and hopefully getting the proper visuals they were hoping for.  

Speaking of twerking, Cardi B and City Girls just dropped off their new video for their collaborative track "Twerk."

The visuals see a whole lot of movement all over the beach, a private yacht and more. Of course, Cardi came through with a tiger painted body and showed off some moves of her own. Check the video out here and don't say we didn't warn you.