30 years after the original Crocodile Dundee franchise was launched with its inaugural film, the series is seeing a previously unannounced revival with Danny McBride assuming the title role originally played by Paul Hogan. 

The film is aptly titled Dundee: The Son of a Legend Returns Home, and will be centred around the original protagonist's illegitimate son, Mick Dundee, who must now return to the outback in search of his father, who has mysteriously disappeared. The film, like the recent box-office success of the Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson Jumanji reboot will similarly take a comedic approach to rejuvenating a VHS classic. Peep the trailer below:

The trailer references the original franchise's most recognizable joke, as McBride swings his knife around before turning to the camera and uttering the word "losers." 

A second, noticeably longer clip was also released, which introduces Chris Hemsworth as the son of Walter Reilly, another character from the original series. In this clip, Hemsworth greets McBride's character as he departs a bus in the Australian outback:

However, there has been a bit of suspicion raised as to the validity of these teaser clips, as the project appeared out of nowhere without any prior announcement from any of the studios backing the project. This has led some to believe that this reprise is just an elaborate Super Bowl campaign, as the "film" is also directed by Steve Rogers, who is a well-known advertising executive.