According to the Orlando Sentinel, two female Disney employees who portray Minnie and Donald Duck were groped by tourists.

Handout / Getty Images

On Dec. 6, while taking a picture with a man and his wife from Minnesota, the 36-year-old employee in the Minnie costume gave the husband a hug. While doing so, the man groped the woman's chest three times, as stated by the sheriff’s incident report.

Afterward, she alerted her supervisors and identified the 61-year-old man. The sheriff's report states the man also had “an inappropriate interaction with a cast member” the day before, Dec. 5. The report elaborates no further and Disney declined to comment when asked about the incident by the Orlando Sentinel. Disney did ban the man from the parks.

As for the 18-year-old woman playing Donald Duck, she was asked for a kiss by an elderly woman on Dec. 3. She accepted but was startled when the older woman began grabbing her whole body. She attempted to move towards another employee for help, but the older woman held on and began reaching up the 18-year-old's costume.

The employee decided not to press charges as she believes the older woman suffers from dementia. 

Disney spokeswoman Andrea Finger addressed the situations in a statement: “Everyone should feel safe at work, and we encourage Cast Members to come forward in any uncomfortable situation. We provide multiple resources to protect our Cast Members’ well-being, including on-site law enforcement officers who respond, and are available to them, if needed."