The discussion surrounding gun control is ongoing, especially today, as students across America participated in a walkout for 17-minutes to honour the 17 lives lost in the Parkland, Florida school shooting. An issue surrounding opinions on gun control has resulted in two Black students getting suspended at Central Cabarrus High School in Concord, North Carolina after a White female took to Snapchat explaining how the protest was "stupid."

The girl who goes unnamed said: "They’re putting laws on who can purchase a gun. No, ni**er..." That student has since deleted her social media accounts.

Carmani Harris-Jackson and her friend Trinity Smith who both attend the school reposted the video on their Twitter and Facebook profiles, naming the girl and saying she attended their school also. The share received 10,000 views and 200 retweets on Trinity's Twitter alone.

"Me and [the girl who said it] were friends before this happened. We had a class together. We would talk together. But as soon as I have a difference in views, you call me a very harmful and offensive racial slur? She said it in a joking manner, but there are boundaries of things you joke about and that's not one of the things you joke about it," Carmani told Buzzfeed News.

The morning after the video was posted, Carmani and Trinty were forced to pull it down by school administrators and were promised no disciplinary action. When they went to school the next day they were told they were getting two days of in-school suspension for creating a "disruptive environment."

The white female in the video and the one who filmed it apparently received out-of-school suspensions.

"I can understand if I actually did something bad, but the fact is, I didn't threaten this girl, I didn't say anything derogatory, I didn't start a fight with her. The only thing I did was post a video and said I was disgusted with what she said. Because it is disgusting," Trinity said.

What do you guys think?