Saturday, the No.9-seeded Penn State football program pulled a victory over Washington's No. 11 team by a victory of 35-28 in the Fiesta Bowl matchup, strengthening the Nittany Lions' Fiesta Bowl record to 7-0.

The significance of this was that it now elevates Penn State's Big 10 conference record to 6-0 in all bowls played so far. Washington's Pac-12 conference, however, has suffered a less than stellar fate as the postseason is haunted by a record of 1-8, losing all four of the matches played against Big Ten schools.

Despite a favorable outcome, Penn State star Saquon Barkley seemed a bit unsatisfied as he voiced his opinion on what may be the end of his college career.

"I didn't finish what I wanted here," he said. "I wanted to bring a national championship to this school. I wanted to break every rushing record. I didn't get that." 

He would also go on to note his indecision on joining the draft, stating that he wasn't yet focused on it, choosing to "live in the moment," instead. "A lot of people think it's any easy decision," said Barkley. "Because you're able to play football in the NFL and make money and be able to support your family, but this place is special to me. I'm kind of torn."

Saquon will have few more days to weigh his options as the deadline to make a decision will arive on January 15th. For now, check out Twitter's top reactions and takes on Penn State's win Saturday evening.