In a day in which the world of sports has faced a flurry of headlines, Carmelo Anthony’s trade from the New York Knicks to the Oklahoma City Thunder made the cut as one of the more shocking tidbits of news. The result is now a stacked OKC roster, and the potential to conquer the Western Conference if executed properly.

As the rift between the Western and Eastern Conference continues to widen, Melo’s decision to waive his no-trade clause has only further deepened the divde. Naturally, social media’s reaction, as is the case with pretty much everything, remains undefeated with plenty of memes and comparisons abound.

The main topic of discussion now lingers on the Western Conference’s perceived dominance of the league with a high-profile trade of this caliber. For New York Knicks’ purists, naturally the move was met with backlash. Nonetheless, their loyalty remains and we really wouldn’t expect it to go any other way.

For the Thunder’s camp, the general sentiment weighed on the feat that General Manaager Sam Presti accomplished by reeling in Melo without giving up any major players in return. Check out the Twittersphere's most poignant reactions to the decision.